Are You Missing Out on Photography's Greatest Treasure?

Newsflash: It's prints. The greatest thing about photography, for you, is PRINTS!!! If you're not sure what I'm talking about, then I'm about to blow your mind.

Prints or "getting/having prints" is tragically dying art of tangibly having your family photos. Not on your phone. Not lost in some digital cyberspace. Photos. In. Your. Hands. 

Prints are import! Print your pictures out!

It's a personal art that is becoming lost with the preceding generations of digital, but ask any grandma, great uncle, or baby boomer and they'll reveal shoe boxes filled with years and years of printed memories. 

Cos despite what you thought, grandma knows what's up. 

She knows that if you can't hold it in your hand or experience it in person, there isn't much of a point. And if you only had pictures taken so you could post a few on social media or pose in your new outfit - then not only are you missing photographs, you're missing the point of photography entirely. 


Word up,

Metro detroit family film photographer
Ashley Burnside