Saying Goodbye to Photography: On to a New Adventure...

I have unceremoniously decided to stop taking pictures for profit. 

I have not known how to put words to this, but I appreciate all of the amazing support I have garnered for my photography business, so I felt you deserved an explanation (and I - a change to vocalize what's been on my brain). 

I cannot pinpoint a date when I officially made a decision, all I can tell you is that somewhere between embracing full-time motherhood, dealing with Postpartum Depression, and ultimately choosing to be more intentional with my time and energy - I fell out of love with the idea of photography as a living. I became so disenchanted with the entire industry. 

The photography industry is tough. And despite that, I actually did okay for myself. I met some great people along the way and have genuinely inspired myself. But I hit a wall that I was not willing to scale. 

Running ANY business requires constant conscious marketing, meeting client demands, and a whole slew of other tasks to ensure you are actually turning a profit for your time (equipment, TAXES - ugh, travel time, education, etc...). Turns out, my passion for photography does not trump my disdain for the industry or dealing with the menial tasks of running a photo biz. But you know what? I'm okay with that. 

I hated selling myself. I hated "marketing." I hated having to choose between taking a session that sounded fun or making money. I hated the disappointment that came from not being chosen sometimes. And most of all, I hated the logic in the industry said I was supposed to feel good charging everyone. 

Sometimes, I just wanted to share a gift, ya know? So, that's it. I will always love photography. I have discovered a lifelong hobby that I will always cherish, and closing my business has given me the grace to say NO to projects I don't want to do and the inspiration and energy to freely shoot for myself again. 

For a long time, I have considered myself a failure - a closed business is a failed business afterall. But - I've come to terms with that because it only means that I am this much closer to discovering the RIGHT thing. Also? It reminded me that "losing gracefully" is a lesson that goes far beyond sports. It taught me that sometimes risk taking is rewarding and worthwhile. And sometimes it's just educational. 

So friends, here is to the next adventure. 

Cheers, Ashley.


p.s. I have a few amazing weddings that I agreed to shoot this summer and will therefore be accepting sessions through this summer at a heavily discounted "closing the doors" sale ($225 vs $450+). I will officially no longer be shooting sessions for $$$ after September 1st, 2017. I would be honored if you would celebrate the end of this chapter in life with me. 


Ashley Burnside