Photos by Abbey Moore Photography

Photos by Abbey Moore Photography


Keepin' the spunk alive since '92.

Most days you can find me in jeans and a comfy top, chasing my boys, or being goofy with my handsome and hilarious husband. I am a film photographer, an old soul, a bookworm, a storyteller, and an adventurist who always has her bags packed. We only have one life and I believe in living it fully by being present in the moment, keeping it real, and being 100% yo' self! I love 90s music, watching Parks and Rec reruns (Leslie Knope is my spirit animal), and strong coffee every morning. 

My photography style is vibrant, intimate, and honest. I will do anything to make you laugh, but "say cheese" is a curse word as far as I'm concerned. I keep it simple and focus on the beautiful-but-fleeting candid moments that happen on the other side of my lens. 

I'm an artist who serves the world by telling visual stories that can be shared and passed down for generations . I can't wait to tell yours.


Taking Pictures Now Until Sept 1st, 2017


If you've had your heart set on a session with me, contact me right away to schedule your session before Sept. 1st! You can read more about why I am ending this adventure HERE

Photo by Abbey Moore Photography